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Voted 2016 Jazz Band of the Year!

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Band Coordinator: Angie Silva     Cell #: (559) 824-8542        Email:         website:

As the Band Coodinator, I (Angie Silva) would like to introduce you to

The Blu J’z, an Indie Contemporary Jazz Funk Band based out of Fresno California. 


In 2017 The Blu J’z opened for Grammy Nominated Artists Stanley Clarke and Regina Belle at Sundays in the Redwoods in Oakland California. With our history of opening for renowned smooth jazz and jazz artists, we are confident that we would make an excellent choice for your 2019 Event.


The Blu J’z, a Father and Son collaboration blends the sounds of Guitar and Saxophone that consist of hooky melodies and diverse styles that intermingle with Funk, Jazz, Rock, Latin, Pop, and R and B. By means of networking and being recognized by many media outlets we have been skillful in advancing our portfolio adn are determined to be known for our originals while becoming a a house hold name. “ Just like the great sounds of the Rippingtoons, Sypro Gyra, and other established bands, “we are ready to showcase our unique sound by doing what we love, while giving the audience an entertaining and memorable experience.”

We invite you to click on the yellow bordered links to view and listen while getting a glimpse of The Blu J’z.  Without hesitation I am confident that The Blu J’z would be an excellent choice for your event.


Sundays in the Redwoods “Talking all that Jazz”

  Stanley Clarke, Regina Belle, & Alex Bugnon

                   September 24, 2017

Sundays in the Redwoods “Talking all that Jazz”

                    Gerald Albright & Maysa                                   

                      September 27, 2015

Central Valley Jazz Fest

Patrick Lamb                                                                 

June 14, 2013 

Smooth Jazz Concert

Boney James                                                            

August 24, 2012

The Northern California Entertainers Music Awards (NCEMA)

The Stockton Summer Jazz Festival 

Julian Vaughn                                                                      

August  27, 2016

Sax in the City

Paul Taylor & Marion Meadows                                    

July 12, 2014


Fresno Summer Jazz Series

Brian Culbertson, David Sanborn

with Bob James, & Fredric Yonnet

June 13, 2013

2018 Status: The Blu J’z are putting their focus on their next album which should be released sometime in 2019.  At this current time we are looking to book events for 2019 where we stay true to our objective of “showcasing our unique sound by doing what we love, while giving the audience an entertaining and memorable experience.”